David Sahadi Opposed Katie Vick Storyline


David Sahadi Opposed Katie Vick Storyline
David Sahadi Opposed Katie Vick Storyline

David Sahadi, a former creative director at WWE, recently disclosed that he opposed the infamous Katie Vick storyline, which is regarded as one of the worst in WWE history by both fans and critics. In a meeting with "The Insiders," Sahadi conceded that he got "a ton of intensity" for restricting the storyline at that point.

Triple H made fun of Kane by revealing that Katie Vick was his deceased ex-partner in the storyline. While dressing as Kane, he misbehaved with a doll in a casket that was supposed to be Vick's body. This unpleasant segment was intended to provoke controversy, but fans have mocked it for years.

David Sahadi Opposed Disturbing WWE Storyline

Sahadi expressed, "I was against to such an extent that. I barely remember that because I was shocked and embarrassed by it. I tend to forget things that bother me and are so gross, especially if I had nothing to do with them." Sahadi thought that the plotline was a lousy example of crossing the line.

During the Attitude Era, WWE succeeded by pushing the boundaries, but only some people, including employees, enjoyed this storyline. "Crossing the Lines is great in many ways, but not when it's terribly like this; that isn't cool.

He stated, "There is no entertainment there, and there is nothing you can say about that to justify it being shown on television." That was my viewpoint, and I voiced it loud and clear to everyone." Despite his resistance, the storyline came to TV and is recognized as one of the most awful in WWE history.

Sahadi's remarks shed light on the background dynamic of WWE and the difficulties that imaginative chiefs face while managing disputable storylines. The Katie Vick storyline was an excellent illustration of how not to construct a wrestling storyline.

A tasteless segment went over the line and hurt the wrestling industry. Sahadi's comments remind us that creative directors must ensure their plots are entertaining and tasteful while adhering to acceptable boundaries.