Jeff Jarrett Discusses AEW Roster Management


Jeff Jarrett Discusses AEW Roster Management
Jeff Jarrett Discusses AEW Roster Management

During a new meeting, wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett focused on the difficulties looked by All World Class Wrestling (AEW) in dealing with its broad program of ability. He talked about how hard it can be to make everyone happy, but he also said that the wrestling business always tries to find a balance.

Jarrett emphasized that everyone wants to be a star and compared wrestling's fierce competition to other sports and entertainment industries. He used NBA player Steph Curry as an illustration, noting that while everyone aspires to be as successful as Curry, not everyone can.

Jarrett focused on the significance of diverting this serious energy into personal growth instead of whining, as the last-option approach never really propels one's profession.

Jarrett's Advice for Wrestlers

Attracting his abundance of involvement in the wrestling scene, Jarrett offered guidance to individual grapplers.

He advised them to concentrate on outperforming their previous efforts and outperforming their rivals. Jarrett believes that adopting a competitive mindset is essential for long-term success in the industry and that complainers will eventually be left behind.

The topic of wrestlers complaining about management on social media was then brought up. Jarrett recognized that while whining has forever been a piece of the wrestling scene, before, such grumblings were restricted to clubs, exercise centers, and changing areas.

The coming of web-based entertainment has presented another dynamic, permitting grapplers to impart their dissatisfactions to the general population. According to Jarrett, the newfound ease of expressing opinions in the online world can have both positive and negative effects on professional wrestlers.

While it allows them to voice their perspectives, it also impacts how they are perceived by fans and can create a negative image, potentially leading to a loss of support and negatively impacting their careers. Thus, wrestlers must be mindful of how they present themselves and their opinions online.

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