Fans Shocked as Naomi Joins Rival

Naomi's possible departure from WWE confirmed.

by Atia Mukhtar
Fans Shocked as Naomi Joins Rival

The news that Naomi, a former WWE superstar, would be making her debut for IMPACT Wrestling this weekend sent the wrestling world into a frenzy. Naomi is expected to become a regular on the IMPACT roster, as stated by PWInsider, and her appearance will not be a one-time only.

Naomi, who left WWE close to Sasha Banks last year, has been out of the wrestling spotlight for some time, leaving fans pondering where she could spring up straightaway. Fans of wrestling have reacted in various ways to the news that she has signed with IMPACT Wrestling.

Some fans were surprised that she left WWE to work for another promotion. In any case, different fans are excited that Naomi is joining Effect, with many guaranteeing that the advancement has the best ladies' division in America.

Although IMPACT Wrestling appears to have prevailed in the battle for Naomi's signature, some fans were disappointed that she did not sign with AEW.

Athena Invites Naomi for Match

The announcement that Naomi will debut for IMPACT Wrestling has also sparked some interesting discussions among wrestlers.

Athena, formerly Ember Moon, the reigning Ring of Honor Women's Champion, recently admitted that she invited Naomi to the Supercard of Honor event, where she competed. Athena revealed that Naomi had always been her dream opponent and that she was thrilled to see Naomi at the event.

Some fans speculated that Naomi might be returning to WWE as a member of The Bloodline as a result of her appearance at the Supercard of Honor event. Nevertheless, it now appears that IMPACT Wrestling will be her home. Naomi's debut for IMPACT Wrestling is certainly a must-see event for wrestling fans, despite the fact that it is unknown whether she will return to WWE in the future.

It will be fascinating to see how Naomi's arrival at IMPACT Wrestling will impact the promotion's women's division and how she will fare in her new home, given the constantly shifting landscape of wrestling.