ECW Legend Backs The Usos: Strong Support


ECW Legend Backs The Usos: Strong Support
ECW Legend Backs The Usos: Strong Support

When Paul "Triple H" Levesque revealed the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it essentially ensured Roman Reigns' Universal Championship reign would surpass 1,000 days by May's end. While some wrestling fans disapproved of this decision, comparing it to The Usos and Solo Sikoa interfering in Reigns' matches, others saw it as a natural progression, with Reigns maintaining his position as the Ace of The Fed.

Another contender would, however, receive a consolation prize for their outstanding performance, even if not quite as successful as Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Tommy Dreamer, an ECW legend who contributed to WWE, believes Reigns' success hinges on The Usos.

Jey and Jimmy Uso have been essential in The Bloodline's storyline, keeping it alive even as "The Head of the Table" shifted to a part-time role. Dreamer told Wrestling Inc., "I don't think this Bloodline storyline would've lasted without the Usos… I don't think we'd even have the reign of Roman Reigns without the Usos." Dreamer praised The Bloodline's cohesion, comparing it favorably to the Four Horsemen.

He argued that The Usos' involvement in the storyline has been crucial to WWE programming. For instance, on a recent episode of RAW, Reigns was absent for the third consecutive week, but The Usos were featured in four segments, with Jey even updating his uncle on his match progress.

As The Usos prepare for a WrestleMania 39 rematch against the Undisputed WWE Universal Tag Team Champions, they must recognize their significant contributions to WWE's programming in 2023. Dreamer's endorsement underlines their vital role in supporting Reigns' reign and the ongoing success of The Bloodline storyline.

Fatu Family Member Eyes WWE, The Usos Joining

While The Bloodline is currently thriving in WWE, other members of the Anoa'i wrestling family work in different promotions, such as Jacub Fatu and Lance Anoa'i, who are both parts of MLW.

When asked about possibly joining his cousins in WWE, Jacub Fatu remained humble, stating that he would "leave it in God's hands." Fatu acknowledged the persistent fan support for him to join WWE and expressed his gratitude for their backing.

He told Fightful, "I appreciate them, and I appreciate everyone talking good about me because... the truth is coming to light because it's all the hard work." He said that while he would love to be in WWE, he is thankful for his time in MLW and appreciates his family's success in WWE.

Fatu emphasized that timing is in God's hands and that there's no telling what the future may hold. Despite facing legal issues in his past, the 31-year-old has proven himself as a force in the independent wrestling scene over the last decade, with notable wins against Bandido, Bronson Reed, and LA Park.

As a member of MLW, he has also had memorable matches against Alex Hammerstone. If WWE adds strength to The Bloodline and provides Solo Sikoa with a comparable partner, Jacub Fatu could be an exceptional addition.

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