Top Dolla's Gratitude for WWE 2K23 and Hit Row's Impact in WWE

WWE's Top Dolla expresses gratitude for being in WWE 2K23 and discusses excitement for Hit Row's success.

by Noman Rasool
Top Dolla's Gratitude for WWE 2K23 and Hit Row's Impact in WWE

WWE star and individual from Hit Line, Top Dolla, offered thanks for being remembered for WWE 2K23, denoting the 10th time he has been highlighted in a computer game thanks to his previous involvement with school football and the NFL.

In a new meeting with Great Sibling Gaming, Top Dolla shared his energy about being a highlighted player in the game and how it was unique about his past appearances in sporting events where he was one more player on the field.

Top Dolla remembered his most memorable appearance in a computer game in NCAA Football 09. He referenced that while they weren't paid at that point, they, at last, got paid through legal claims. He uncovered that he has been highlighted in Irritate consistently and was in the NFL for a long time.

Nonetheless, being a piece of WWE 2K23 was particularly huge for him since he was an included player and had composed the signature melody for Hit Line. As a deep-rooted gamer, Top Dolla expressed that it was a gift to be remembered for the game and to include his moves and signature tune.

He noticed that some of the actions he had just performed a few times on WWE television were remembered for the game, making the experience considerably more stimulating for him. He thanked 2K for remembering him for the game and making it such a cool encounter.

Top Dolla Grateful for WWE 2K23 and Hit Row's Success

With the WWE Draft drawing nearer, it is presently obscure which brand Top Dolla and Hit Line will wind up on. Hit Column, which comprises Top Dolla, Ashante "You" Adonis, Isaiah "Turn" Scott, and B-Fab made their presentation on WWE SmackDown in July 2021.

From that point forward, they have been a prevailing power on the show and have acquired a critical following among WWE fans. Overall, Top Dolla's consideration in WWE 2K23 is a huge achievement for him, denoting his 10th appearance in a computer game.

As a long-lasting gamer and WWE star, he offered his thanks for the open door and the energy of being a highlighted player in the game. Without a doubt, aficionados of WWE and Hit Column will anticipate seeing what's on the horizon for Top Dolla and the gathering as they continue causing disturbances in the WWE universe.

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