Roderick Strong Exits WWE, Debuts on AEW Dynamite

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Roderick Strong Exits WWE, Debuts on AEW Dynamite
Roderick Strong Exits WWE, Debuts on AEW Dynamite

On the April 26th, 2023, episode of AEW Dynamite, Roderick Strong made a surprising debut, sparking curiosity about his WWE departure. According to Fightful Select, WWE had been tight-lipped about Strong's status for months, leaving many to speculate about his contract situation.

Some WWE talent believed Strong's contract would extend into the following year, but no official confirmation was provided. However, a recent directive for 2K to remove Roderick Strong from their wrestling game added fuel to the rumors.

WWE had reportedly contemplated keeping Strong on board as a coach for the remainder of his contract, but he had not been spotted at the Performance Center for quite some time.

Strong's AEW Debut Stuns WWE

Despite his unexpected AEW Dynamite debut, Roderick Strong was still listed as an active WWE roster member on the company's website.

Dave Meltzer of commented on Strong's appearance, stating that it caught many in WWE off-guard. While some individuals knew that Strong's contract was up, most were unaware of the situation. Roderick Strong's arrival in AEW was accompanied by the powerful theme song "End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage, signaling a fresh start for the talented wrestler.

As the details surrounding Strong's WWE departure remain murky, his presence in AEW is already making waves in the professional wrestling world. As the dust settles on Strong's sudden departure from WWE and arrival in AEW, fans, and insiders wonder about the circumstances that led to this surprising turn of events.

With the information available, WWE's silence regarding Strong's contract status may have contributed to the confusion surrounding his transition. Now that Roderick Strong has made his mark on AEW Dynamite, it will be interesting to see how his career unfolds in this new environment.

As for WWE, they will need to address the matter and update their roster to reflect the recent changes. The wrestling world is excited to witness the next chapter in Roderick Strong's journey.

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