Booker T Teases WWE Draft, Suggests Mid-Card Women's Division Title


Booker T Teases WWE Draft, Suggests Mid-Card Women's Division Title
Booker T Teases WWE Draft, Suggests Mid-Card Women's Division Title

WWE Hall of Famer and NXT commentator Booker T recently spoke with Fox News Digital about the upcoming WWE Draft and the potential promotion of several NXT Superstars to the main roster. As Smackdown gears up for the draft on Friday, followed by RAW on Monday, Booker T shared his insights on the talent pool in NXT and the future of the women's division.

Booker T expressed his admiration for the depth of talent in NXT, stating, "We got so many guys down there that's just so freakin' talented, and they are looking to make a move. I try not to push these guys too fast, too soon.

I always want to give them that moment where they can grow a little bit." He mentioned Indi Hartwell and Zoey Starks as potential additions to the women's roster while praising the Gallus Boys and the Pretty Deadly team as strong contenders for the tag-team division.

The WWE veteran emphasized the importance of strengthening the main roster by tapping into NXT's thriving women's and tag-team divisions. Despite not listing any specific NXT stars in the draft eligibility list, WWE can capitalize on the abundant talent within its ranks.

Mid-Card Women's Title Concept

In light of the potential influx of female talent into both RAW and Smackdown, Booker T proposed introducing a mid-card women's championship, similar to the Intercontinental and United States Championships in the men's division.

He suggested a title like a television championship for the women's division, which would not compete with the Women's NXT Championship but would still give rising stars something to strive for. "We should have a mid-card belt for the ladies, almost like a television championship where it's not competing with the Women's NXT Championship, just to give someone else a little bit of a rub, a little bit of shine, as well as a little bit of something to work for because it's always going to be a while before you work your way to that big goal," he explained.

The anticipation builds for potential call-ups and roster shake-ups as the WWE Draft approaches. Booker T's insights provide an intriguing perspective on the future of WWE's women's and tag-team divisions.

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