Reby Hardy on Awkward HOF Moment

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Reby Hardy on Awkward HOF Moment

Reby Hardy spoke to her fans on Twitter today and talked about a moment that made her cringe once. She was at a red carpet event that was part of the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. She was with her husband Matt Hardy who is at the moment the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion.

She posted several Tweets which told her story and the story was quite funny. And interviewer approached her to ask her questions about the Hardy Boys and her. He turned to Matt Hardy for questions and asked him the reason why he is attracted to his wife.

He asked Matt if he is attracted to his wife because she resembles Jeff Hardy, who is Matt’s real life brother. The interviewer most likely asked this because that night Reby Hardy had her hair colored purple and green.

This is what she wrote: "So now I have no choice but to smile & nod through an interview with the man who just inquired if my husband was only attracted to me because (presumably ?!) my hair reminded him of his REAL LIFE BLOOD BROTHER from like 10 years ago."

She stated in later tweets that she will never forget that moment and considers that her WrestleMania moment. She also stated that she will never color her hair purple or green or wear purple or green.