Danny Burch Enjoyed WWE, Craved Main Roster


Danny Burch Enjoyed WWE, Craved Main Roster
Danny Burch Enjoyed WWE, Craved Main Roster

Danny Burch, the one-time NXT tag champion, recently opened up about his stint with WWE, which ended in 2022 after the company released him. In an interview, Burch discussed his experience in WWE and the injuries that plagued his career.

Despite some setbacks, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity and had only one regret – not making it to the main roster. When asked if he regrets his time in WWE, Burch responded, "No (regrets about my time in WWE).

I would have loved to have gotten the chance to be on the main roster. But, you know, out of my hands. I had an absolute blast. I had so much fun there. So, yeah, my only regret is, you know, not getting a chance to be on the main roster, but apart from that, it was an absolute blast, mate.

It was a real pleasure."

Burch's Recovery from Injuries

Burch has fully recovered from injuries sustained in 2021, including a shoulder separation and a broken collarbone. In the interview, he shared his enthusiasm about finally being able to return to wrestling.

He recalled, "I first got injured in March 2021, which was the tag match against Finn Bálor and Karrion Kross. That was when I first separated my shoulder. Then I came back for the final NXT black and gold brand, the final taping for that, and, you know, I did that, and then in training a few weeks later, I got my collarbone broken, and then it got infected, and just, you know, a whole host of problems." Burch described the timeline of his recovery process: "Obviously, in 2022, I got released in January, but I still had to have another surgery in June of that year.

So, finally, all done and dusted now. It's good to be back." Despite his challenges, Burch remains optimistic about his time in WWE and is grateful for the experiences he gained. Now fully recovered and eager to return to the ring, Burch has his sights set on new opportunities in the wrestling world. With his undeniable talent and resilience, seeing where his career takes him next will be interesting.