"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Unveils His Dream WWE Showdown


"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Unveils His Dream WWE Showdown
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Unveils His Dream WWE Showdown

When "Stone Cold" Steve Austin stepped back into the ring last spring at WWE WrestleMania 38, he unleashed a whirlwind of speculation that may never subside. After ending his two-decade retirement to face Kevin Owens, Austin emerged victorious in a thrilling 13-minute bout against the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion.

The performance at AT&T Stadium left fans wondering if Austin could return to wrestling part-time, following in the footsteps of Goldberg and The Undertaker, who had similar schedules throughout the 2010s. While Austin concedes that physically he could take on another match, he has yet to seek more in-ring opportunities actively.

However, some potential opponents pique the Texas Rattlesnake's interest, making him ponder the compelling question, "What if?" While superstars like John Cena and CM Punk rose to prominence in WWE long after Austin's retirement, a few shared the locker room with the legendary wrestler during his final days as a full-time competitor.

One such individual stands out in Austin's mind: Brock Lesnar.

Steve Austin's Lesnar Match Regret

In a recent interview with WESH 2 News, Austin revealed his regret about never facing Lesnar in the ring. "That guy is Brock Lesnar," he said, expressing his wish to have wrestled the formidable athlete before hanging up his boots.

The story of Austin vs. Lesnar is steeped in wrestling lore. The two were scheduled to clash in a King of the Ring qualifying match on television, but Austin took issue with the booking and ultimately walked out on the company.

This infamous incident only adds to the intrigue surrounding a potential match between these two titans of the wrestling world. As speculation continues to swirl around Austin's possible return to part-time wrestling, fans can only dream of the epic showdown that could have been.

In the meantime, the WWE Universe will have to make do with the memories of Stone Cold's triumphant return at WrestleMania 38 and the lingering question of "What if?"

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