IMPACT's Epic Night: Steve Maclin, Deonna Purrazzo Clinch Titles

Dual Championship Wins: Maclin, Purrazzo's Unforgettable Night.

by Noman Rasool
IMPACT's Epic Night: Steve Maclin, Deonna Purrazzo Clinch Titles

In a recent exclusive interview on Fightful's In The Weeds, newly crowned IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin discussed the incredible night when he and his wife, Deonna Purrazzo, both won their respective titles on the same night.

When asked if his world title victory motivated Purrazzo's triumph in the main event, Maclin replied, "I hope I did." Given the emotional stakes of their potential achievements, he described how the couple tried to avoid each other throughout the day.

After Maclin's victorious match, he recalled the heartfelt moment when he and Purrazzo finally embraced, sharing their joy and laughter without saying a word.

Couple's Journey to IMPACT Success

The IMPACT World Champion also reflected on the couple's journey, particularly how they had overcome challenges together.

He expressed gratitude for the opportunities IMPACT has provided them and credited Purrazzo as his most robust believer and supporter. Maclin shared that after being let go from his previous contract, he realized that his future success would depend entirely on his efforts.

Two years later, he proudly wears the IMPACT World Champion title. When asked if the couple had ever envisioned holding championship gold simultaneously, Maclin admitted that it had never been a specific goal. He acknowledged that while most wrestlers aspire to be world champions and headline significant events, the day-to-day grind and behind-the-scenes work often become their primary focus.

Maclin emphasized that he and Purrazzo's dual championship wins resulted from organic moments and opportunities that serendipitously aligned on the same pay-per-view event. Maclin described the experience as a "cool feeling" and a "cool moment" but acknowledged the hard work ahead.

As the company's new face, he is prepared to carry the responsibility and the weight of the IMPACT brand on his shoulders, eagerly looking forward to the challenges that await. The historic night when Steve Maclin and Deonna Purrazzo claimed their respective titles is undoubtedly a testament to their dedication, resilience, and passion for professional wrestling.

Fans worldwide will eagerly anticipate the future of these two champions and the impact their victories will have on the world of professional wrestling.

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