NXT Call-Ups: Boon for WWE, Bane for Shawn Michaels


NXT Call-Ups: Boon for WWE, Bane for Shawn Michaels
NXT Call-Ups: Boon for WWE, Bane for Shawn Michaels

Following the announcement that NXT Woman's Champion Indi Hartwell and NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn would join RAW and SmackDown as part of the WWE Draft, Road Dogg spoke with Megan Morant for a WWE digital exclusive.

He praised his former students and playfully teased his DX comrade, Shawn Michaels. Dogg enthusiastically stated, "You can expect exactly what they did in NXT; they took all the gold." He continued, expressing sympathy for 'The Heartbreak Kid,' Shawn Michaels, as NXT loses its top female talent.

"When a lot of top talent leaves, it leaves a lot of oxygen at the top to be breathed in, so it gives more room for people to step up," he added.

NXT's Uncertain Championship Future

Although interrupted by Chelsea Green before completing his thought, Road Dogg raised a valid question: what will happen to NXT now that all of its women's championship belts are moving to the WWE main roster? Some have suggested turning the NXT Women's Championship into a traveling cruiserweight belt, an idea supported by Booker T.

Others propose making the Women's Tag Team Titles exclusive to SmackDown, with the existing belts held by Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez becoming RAW-specific. If these changes occur, will NXT receive new belts akin to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, or will the trio relinquish the titles before departing? The situation promises to become increasingly captivating for all, especially Shawn Michaels.

As NXT faces a significant talent reshuffle, it presents an opportunity for up-and-coming wrestlers to rise to the challenge and stake their claim in the spotlight. The departure of Hartwell, Fyre, and Dawn creates a vacuum for new stars to emerge and showcase their abilities, ensuring that NXT remains an engaging and dynamic platform.

While this might be considered bad news for Shawn Michaels, as he watches his former proteges leave NXT, it is undoubtedly an exciting time for WWE. Adding these talented individuals to the main roster can only enhance the competitiveness and diversity of the WWE, bringing fresh storylines and captivating matches to the forefront.

In conclusion, the NXT call-ups may be a mixed bag for Shawn Michaels, but the overall impact on WWE is undeniably positive. The excitement surrounding the future of the brand and the potential for new talent to rise will keep fans and wrestlers alike on the edge of their seats.

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