Jim Ross Envisions Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes Reunion with a Twist


Jim Ross Envisions Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes Reunion with a Twist

When Dustin and Cody Rhodes faced off at the inaugural Double or Nothing event, it marked a significant moment in wrestling history. AEW put two former WWE stars in a match that Vince McMahon would have never placed in a main event, and the Rhodes brothers delivered a classic that helped establish Tony Khan's promotion as the go-to place for top-notch wrestling.

While the Rhodes brothers teamed up a few more times in AEW as "The Brotherhood," the possibility of a long-term partnership seemed to vanish when Cody returned to WWE in February 2022, and Dustin remained with AEW as a player/coach.

With Dustin's wrestling career nearing its end, fans wonder if the brothers will reunite in the ring. Legendary commentator Jim Ross believes it's possible but with a specific condition.

Rhodes Reunion: A Long Shot

In his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross explained, "It would be a long shot based on Dustin's age, and [for this scenario] he'll be moving companies.

He'd have to be hired by WWE. As crazy as it sounds, Dustin getting hired for a one-off or a big match at a stadium show is more likely than Cody coming back to AEW." Ross expressed his support for WWE's decision to keep the title on Roman Reigns and let Cody chase it, adding that the chase is the story.

Could WWE bring in Dustin for a special occasion after his AEW contract expires? It's possible, as Goldust will likely be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame once his career ends. The character could also serve in a non-wrestling role for occasional appearances.

If Cody becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a Dustin appearance becomes more probable. Ross also discussed another hot topic in professional wrestling: the Brawl Out. When asked how he would have handled the situation as WWE's Head of Talent Relations, he said, "My protocol would be to get all the involved parties into a room and settle it as quickly as possible after it happened." Ross emphasized the importance of communication and addressing the issue while it's still fresh in everyone's mind.

He urged for a civil and professional discussion, pointing out that there is more than one right way to execute a wrestling angle or storyline. While a Rhodes brothers reunion may be a long shot, Jim Ross believes it's not out of possibility.

It likely hinges on WWE hiring Dustin for a special event or match. As for the Brawl Out, Ross's approach highlights the value of communication and professionalism in resolving conflicts within the wrestling industry.

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