Kurt Angle's Multiple Attempts to Join Marvel Cinematic Universe


Kurt Angle's Multiple Attempts to Join Marvel Cinematic Universe
Kurt Angle's Multiple Attempts to Join Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kurt Angle, a former Olympic gold medalist and professional wrestler, has revealed that he has made multiple attempts to break into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) without much success. In a recent interview on "The Kurt Angle Show," Angle stated that he has tried "many times" to get his foot in the door at Marvel, but it has not been easy for him.

Angle's desire to join the MCU is unsurprising, given the trend of professional wrestlers transitioning into acting and superhero roles. The likes of Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer), John Cena (Peacemaker), and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Black Adam) have all successfully leaped from the wrestling ring to the silver screen.

However, getting cast in a Marvel movie or TV show is highly competitive, and even celebrities with established acting careers need help to land roles.

Kurt Angle's Acting Credentials and MCU Connection

Despite the challenges, Angle has an impressive resume that includes appearances in movies such as "Pain & Gain," "Warrior," and "Sharknado 2: The Second One." He has also expressed a keen interest in the Marvel franchise.

He even has a family connection in the MCU through his nephew-in-law, Jon Bernthal, who will portray Punisher. Angle revealed that Bernthal gave him the contact details of Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios, which allowed Angle to directly reach out to him and express his interest in joining the franchise.

Feige even responded to Angle, but nothing came of it. Angle remained optimistic, however, stating that plenty of roles remain to be cast in the MCU as the franchise expands. While Angle's acting experience and athletic background could make him a strong candidate for a superhero role, he acknowledges that casting is challenging.

Nonetheless, Angle remains hopeful that he will eventually get his chance to join the Marvel universe. In conclusion, Kurt Angle's desire to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been long-standing, and he has made several attempts to get cast in a role.

Despite not yet succeeding, Angle remains optimistic and is determined to break into the franchise. Only time will tell whether he can bring his acting chops to the world of superheroes, but his passion for the Marvel franchise and dedication to his craft make him a strong candidate.

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