"New WWE Draft Picks Revealed during SmackDown Recap Show"


"New WWE Draft Picks Revealed during SmackDown Recap Show"
"New WWE Draft Picks Revealed during SmackDown Recap Show"

On the latest episode of "The SmackDown LowDown," WWE announced several more draft picks, following the initial draft picks for both "SmackDown" and "WWE Raw" that were revealed on the previous night's episode. The draft updates announced on the show were a mix of expected moves and surprising decisions, providing fans with plenty to discuss.

One of the most significant moves was drafting The Viking Raiders to "Raw," alongside Dexter Lumis, Candice LeRae, Natalya, and Apollo Crews, among others. Sonya DeVille and Chelsea Green's team also moved to "Raw," along with the Maximum Male Models with Maxxine Dupri.

Meanwhile, "SmackDown" welcomed the Hit Row trio of Top Dolla, Ashante Adonis, B-Fab, and Lacey Evans.

Unexpected Draft Picks and Free Agents

However, some unexpected moves were also made, including drafting NXT call-ups Zoey Stark and JD McDonagh to "Raw." The surprise picks included stars not assigned to either brand, such as Omos with manager MVP Mustafa Ali, Dolph Ziggler, and "WWE NXT" call-up Von Wagner.

These wrestlers were designated free agents and could appear on either show, at least for now. While the draft picks may have surprised some fans, they are not unusual in the world of professional wrestling, where roster changes and shakeups are common.

The draft is a chance for WWE to refresh its rosters and create new storylines and feuds, providing fans with recent matches and exciting moments. The WWE draft has also become popular among fans, who eagerly anticipate the announcements and speculate about which wrestlers will end up on which brand.

With the latest draft updates, fans will have plenty to discuss and debate as they look forward to the next episodes of "SmackDown" and "Raw." In conclusion, the latest draft picks revealed on "The SmackDown LowDown" provided fans with plenty of surprises and exciting moves.

The draft is essential to WWE's strategy to keep its rosters fresh and exciting. Fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming episodes of "SmackDown" and "Raw" to see how the new draft picks will impact the future of the WWE.

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