WWE Blunder Stirs Debate: 2-Time Universal Champ's AEW Debut Looms


WWE Blunder Stirs Debate: 2-Time Universal Champ's AEW Debut Looms
WWE Blunder Stirs Debate: 2-Time Universal Champ's AEW Debut Looms

AEW is gearing up for its latest show, Collision, premiere on June 17th at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Yet, the buzz surrounding the potential debut of a former WWE Universal Champion has Twitter divided. The ex-champion in question is Goldberg, who recently became a free agent after his legends contract with WWE expires.

As is common when a wrestler leaves World Wrestling Entertainment, fans are left wondering, "will they join AEW?" The speculation around Bill's name stems from a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The publication hinted that All Elite Wrestling is preparing for a major debut or return, coinciding with CM Punk's expected appearance.

Goldberg is a leading candidate for this debut, eliciting mixed reactions on Twitter.

Other prominent names tossed around include CM Punk's wife, AJ Mendez, former TNT Champion Miro, and ex-IWGP Women's Champion Mercedes Moné.

Roster Split Amid AEW Collision

AEW's new show will necessitate a roster split, addressing concerns that the extensive roster causes top talents to be overshadowed and lose momentum.

With AEW Collision, an entirely separate crew will manage the show, complete with its exclusive roster.

As reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan is for CM Punk and FTR to be the main attractions on Collision's Saturday night shows, while Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and the Blackpool Combat Club will headline Dynamite every Wednesday.

The details of the brand split remain unclear, as AEW and Tony Khan have yet to make any official announcements. This uncertainty extends to how the split will be managed in conjunction with shows like Rampage, Dark, and Ring of Honor TV.

Nevertheless, a new chapter in All Elite Wrestling is set to begin on June 17th, promising exciting developments and intense competition.


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