Silent Renaming: The New Roman Reigns Emerges


Silent Renaming: The New Roman Reigns Emerges
Silent Renaming: The New Roman Reigns Emerges

In a recent development, Madcap Moss has officially undergone a name change to 'Riddick Moss' in anticipation of the WWE Draft. Last night, WWE revealed the roster of wrestlers who will be eligible for selection during the draft on SmackDown tonight and Raw next week.

Moss was among those listed, but his name had changed significantly since his last TV appearance. Moss has garnered considerable attention within WWE, with Paul Heyman even suggesting that he could follow a career path similar to Roman Reigns.

However, fans have doubts whether his 'Madcap' persona would succeed at the highest level of competition.

Renaming Sparks Character Overhaul

The recent announcement of the WWE Draft indicated that the company has decided to return Moss to his previous moniker, which he used during his time in NXT and at the beginning of his central roster tenure before teaming up with Baron Corbin.

Many fans have urged Triple H to give Moss a more severe character revamp, and it appears that this name change might signal the beginning of such a transformation. In the coming weeks, there is no concrete information regarding WWE's specific plans for Riddick Moss.

Nonetheless, Triple H has hinted at an on-screen alliance between Moss and Emma on SmackDown for quite some time, particularly since the latter's return to WWE. As the two are romantically involved off-screen, they are expected to be assigned to the same brand in the WWE Draft, as Triple H seeks to establish them as a prominent on screen couple shortly.

In addition to these developments, Triple H may have more surprises for the WWE Draft. There are whispers that The Bloodline could be disbanded, with Roman Reigns potentially moving to Raw. Fans will eagerly see how these changes unfold as the draft kicks off tonight on SmackDown.

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