Sol Ruca Injured; WWE NXT Female Competitors Update

Sol Ruca injured amid NXT women's roster concerns.

by Noman Rasool
Sol Ruca Injured; WWE NXT Female Competitors Update

WWE NXT Superstar Sol Ruca is reportedly dealing with a legitimate injury. During Tuesday's NXT Spring Breakin' episode, viewers saw a segment where the NXT Anonymous Twitter account captured a sneak attack on Ruca as she left the WWE Performance Center.

Ruca's friend, Dani Palmer, rushed to her aid and was instructed to call for help. This incident aligns with the recent storyline sneak attacks on Wendy Choo and Nikkita Lyons. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Sol Ruca is indeed injured, which explains the sneak attack segment.

It has been revealed that Ruca is suffering from a torn ACL. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer discussed the injury situation in NXT, noting that many people blame the strength training regimen for the injuries sustained by wrestlers.

NXT Injuries Linked to Training

Meltzer stated, "There's a lot of injuries there [NXT]. It's funny because many people blame the strength training for the injuries, that they are doing heavy lifts instead of strengthening surrounding muscles to prevent injuries." He explained that the focus on heavy lifting could negatively impact wrestlers' knees and shoulders, potentially contributing to the high number of injuries, particularly among the women's roster.

"There's a lot of women's injuries right now in NXT," Meltzer added. WWE officials have reportedly been impressed with Ruca's in-ring work since she signed with the company in March 2022. She comes from a background in the University of Oregon's Acrobatics & Tumbling team, which has likely contributed to her strong performance in the ring.

Sol Ruca's most recent match occurred at the April 14 NXT live event in Largo, FL, where she teamed up with Dani Palmer to defeat Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson. Her last television match was a loss to Tiffany Stratton on April 11.

The issue of injuries in professional wrestling, particularly in NXT, is a concern for both performers and the company. The high-intensity training and focus on strength over injury prevention can lead to an increased risk of injury for athletes.

As a result, the company may need to re-evaluate its training strategies to ensure its talent's long-term health and well-being. The injury to Sol Ruca is undoubtedly a setback for the rising star, but with the proper treatment and recovery plan, she will likely return to the ring stronger than ever.

Fans will be eager to see how her storyline progresses following the sneak attack and how she'll rebound from this unfortunate turn of events. In the meantime, the NXT women's division will continue to showcase its depth and talent, proving that the brand is a breeding ground for future WWE Superstars.

As the company works to address the issue of injuries, the hope is that measures can be taken to protect the athletes and ensure they can perform at their best for years to come.