Top Dolla Delighted in WWE 2K23 Inclusion


Top Dolla Delighted in WWE 2K23 Inclusion
Top Dolla Delighted in WWE 2K23 Inclusion

Top Dolla, a WWE star and member of Hit Row, recently expressed his gratitude for being included in the WWE 2K23 video game during an interview with Good Brother Gaming. Thanks to his college football and NFL history, this is the tenth time Top Dolla has appeared in a video game.

The wrestling star reminisced his lifelong love for gaming, stating, "It's been a blessing; I grew up being a lifelong gamer. The first video game I was in was NCAA [Football] 09'; for all the times I was in NCAA, they had to cut the check post haste.

They didn't pay us then but eventually did shout-out class action lawsuits. I was in Madden every year, and I was in the NFL for six years, so this is the 10th video game I've been in, and it's the coolest because the other ones, I'm just another guy on the field."

Top Dolla's Unique 2K23 Experience

Top Dolla acknowledged that his inclusion in WWE 2K23 was a unique experience compared to his previous appearances in video games.

This is mainly because he is a featured player in the game and has played a significant role in creating the Hit Row theme song. He explained, "This is like me, and the coolest part about it is that I wrote the theme song for Hit Row, so hearing that on the game, you know.

I came up with all my moves, some of which I've only done once or twice on WWE TV, and somehow they figured out how to put those moves in the game. I'm so grateful for everything that 2K did, man." Top Dolla's enthusiasm for his involvement in WWE 2K23 highlights video games' importance and impact on professional athletes and performers.

Being featured in a popular game like WWE 2K23 boosts the athlete's brand and allows them to connect with their fans in a unique and immersive way. Additionally, for Top Dolla, the experience of seeing his creative contributions, such as the Hit Row theme song, come to life in the game adds another layer of satisfaction and pride to his career achievements.

As the WWE continues to grow and evolve, it's evident that video games like WWE 2K23 play a crucial role in promoting and celebrating wrestling stars like Top Dolla. His excitement and appreciation for being part of the game reflect the meaningful connection between professional wrestling and gaming worlds, which will only strengthen as both industries continue to expand and thrive.

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