Kane Is Open For a WWE Return

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Kane Is Open For a WWE Return

Many WWE Wrestlers over the past few years have retired. They stay retired, unless they see a big opportunity and lots of money. Most legendary wrestlers come back for one last match and then go away for good. There is an old saying that a wrestler only retires after he/she dies.

This does not apply to everyone but some wrestlers want to wrestle forever. Kane is one of the most recognized WWE Superstars of the world. He has wrestled some of the best WWE Superstars of the past and present. He is one of the most malevolent characters in WWE history.

He is currently the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He stated that “All good things must come to an end at some point” regarding his in-ring WWE career. He won the election in August last year. He was present at WWE Crown Jewel.

He fought alongside his WWE storyline half-brother The Undertaker. They wrestled Triple H and Shawn Michaels and lost the match. Many believed that that was the last match that Kane would have in the WWE. He was caught saying in a video that he is open to returning to the WWE.

"There's a saying in WWE to never say never," Kane said. "I love to perform. That last match as the Brothers Of Destruction against D-Generation X, two legendary teams, two mythical teams. It didn't turn out like Undertaker and I wanted it to turn out. So never say never, maybe I'll get back out there at some point."