37-Year-Old Wrestler's WWE Comeback: Big Push & Title Win Over Cody Rhodes?


37-Year-Old Wrestler's WWE Comeback: Big Push & Title Win Over Cody Rhodes?
37-Year-Old Wrestler's WWE Comeback: Big Push & Title Win Over Cody Rhodes?

Triple H recently revealed the new World Heavyweight Championship on RAW, sparking speculation that Cody Rhodes was the favorite to claim the title. However, it appears that Drew McIntyre, a fan-favorite Scottish Warrior, might return to WWE and snatch the championship instead.

McIntyre has been absent from the wrestling scene since WrestleMania 39 due to health concerns. Xero News reports that WWE's strategy for McIntyre's comeback includes a heel turn, setting him up to face Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

This news has stirred excitement among WWE fans who are eager to witness McIntyre's return to the ring and his pursuit of the company's highest honor.

McIntyre-Rhodes WrestleMania Switch-Up

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer revealed that McIntyre was initially slated to be involved in the World title storyline at WrestleMania.

However, plans shifted, leading to Cody Rhodes facing Roman Reigns instead of The Rock at WrestleMania 39. Meltzer stated, "By November, the idea was for night one of WrestleMania, with Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre at the time tabbed for the match, or a three-way involving Cody Rhodes, if Dwayne Johnson had faced Roman Reigns at Mania." McIntyre's rumored return and heel transformation could pave the way for an intriguing new narrative.

Although McIntyre has long been adored by fans, this heel turn would allow him to reintroduce his Scottish Psychopath persona. If McIntyre does secure the World Heavyweight Championship, it would mark a significant milestone in his wrestling career.

Already a former WWE Champion and a WWE roster staple, this new title would further elevate his standing and reinforce his status as one of the company's premier wrestlers. Regardless of the outcome, Drew McIntyre's return is sure to be a highlight for WWE enthusiasts.

Known for his exceptional wrestling skills, unique charisma, and engaging personality, McIntyre has won the hearts of fans worldwide. Whether or not he claims the World Heavyweight Championship, his return to the ring promises to be a thrilling event in the coming months.

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