Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Eyes WWE Collaboration


Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Eyes WWE Collaboration
Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Eyes WWE Collaboration

Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce recently shared his enthusiasm for collaborating with WWE during an interview with TMZ Sports. He mentioned he's already in talks with WWE superstar The Miz to bring his wrestling aspirations to life.

Kelce was inspired by his fellow NFL player, George Kittle, who appeared at WrestleMania 39, delivering clotheslines and making a memorable impact. Kelce was excited to join the action and bring his energy to the WWE ring. As a passionate WWE fan, Kelce has consistently displayed his love for the sport throughout his NFL career.

In 2018, he celebrated touchdowns with iconic Stone Cold Stunners. Following the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory in 2020, he proudly wore the WWE title during a celebratory promo. Earlier this year, Kelce channeled WWE legend The Rock in a post-game promo after the Chiefs defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game.

Kelce's longstanding admiration for WWE has undoubtedly influenced his desire to participate in the wrestling world. Seeing Kittle's successful performance alongside Pat McAfee at WrestleMania 39 has likely fueled Kelce's competitive spirit, making him eager to outshine Kittle and McAfee in the wrestling arena.

Kelce's WWE Debut

Kelce's potential involvement with WWE could benefit the sport and the fans. His athletic prowess and dynamic personality would add excitement and a new dimension to WWE programming. Collaborations between NFL players and WWE have proven successful, and Kelce's partnership with The Miz could be another fruitful venture.

In a time where crossover athletes are increasingly popular, Kelce's entry into the WWE scene could open doors for further collaborations and inspire other athletes to explore opportunities outside their primary sport. As Kelce and The Miz continue discussing their plans, fans can look forward to seeing the Chiefs tight end make his mark in the wrestling world.

Travis Kelce's passion for WWE has led him to pursue a collaboration with the organization. As he engages in talks with The Miz, fans eagerly await the possibility of witnessing another NFL star make an impact in the wrestling arena.

Kelce's involvement could lead to further partnerships between the sports and entertainment worlds, making it a win-win situation for all involved.