Ninja Mack's NOAH Update, Eyes Ospreay Match


 Ninja Mack's NOAH Update, Eyes Ospreay Match
Ninja Mack's NOAH Update, Eyes Ospreay Match

In a recent interview, high-flying wrestling sensation Ninja Mack opened up about his future with Pro Wrestling NOAH, his upcoming GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title match, and his aspirations to face Will Ospreay at the highly anticipated 'All Together Again' event.

Mack's current contract with Pro Wrestling NOAH is set to expire on June 30th, and he expressed his desire to sign a new contract with the promotion potentially. "I signed a one-year deal at the end of June last year, which started in July.

So, my contract ends June 30th, going into July. I've recently brought it up with Pro Wrestling NOAH, asking them about their plans for another year and the future of Ninja Mack in NOAH," he shared. However, nothing has been made official yet, and Mack believes that the outcome of his GHC Jr.

Heavyweight Title match on May 4th against HAYATA might play a crucial role in his contract negotiations. "If I take that belt, I think I get a lot of points on my side to have the power to negotiate a little more. So, they might be holding out to see what happens on May 4th with HAYATA," he said.

Ninja Mack Eyes Will Ospreay Showdown

With NOAH participating in the recently announced 'All Together Again' event, featuring stars from New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) and All Japan Pro-Wrestling (AJPW), Ninja Mack shared his excitement about the possibility of facing one of wrestling's most exceptional talents, Will Ospreay.
"If I had the choice of who to face at the NJPW/AJPW/NOAH All Together Again event, I'd never aim small.

I would love to have a match against Will Ospreay," Mack stated. "I think we could tear it down. He's one of the top-tier talents in the world, and I like to challenge myself." According to Mack, going up against Ospreay would be a practical test and learning experience in his career.

"If I can put myself in the ring with one of the best right now, just to see where I stand, it's a test for me. And just like any test, you learn from it whether you succeed or fail. So, I think it would give me a good indication of where I'm at in my career if I can get in the ring with a Will Ospreay," he concluded.

As Ninja Mack's contract situation remains uncertain, fans worldwide eagerly await the results of his upcoming title match and the possibility of a high-stakes showdown with Will Ospreay at the 'All Together Again' event.