Brain Knobbs on Hulk Hogan Racist Comments

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Brain Knobbs on Hulk Hogan Racist Comments

Brian Knobbs is part of the Nasty Boys and Hulk Hogan is one of his best friends. They live very next to each other in Tampa, Florida. Knobbs knows Hulk Hogan very well and nobody knows him better than him according to Knobbs.

He was at the WINCLY podcast recently where he spoke about Hulk Hogan’s racist comments that got him fired and he lost his job. The WWE ended almost all affiliations with Hulk Hogan but have recently forgiven him. He is now part of the WWE again.

"A lot of things were taken out of proportion," Knobbs said. He was talking about the audio file that was released where Hogan said a few racist thing. He continued by saying, "and things that shouldn't have been taped and no one should ever say that word.

It's beyond disrespectful and hurtful and horrifying to even use that. A lot of people make mistakes and you're given second chances for a reason." "There ain't a racist bone in his body and I can say the same thing.

No way he's racist at all," said Knobbs”. "Thank God there weren't cell phones when me and [Jerry] Sags were wrestling or we would have had a job with WWF for about a day or two. We would have been fired." Hulk Hogan made his return in July 2018. He has been part of various WWE events since then.