Omos Crushes RAW to Prep for Seth Rollins Backlash Showdown


Omos Crushes RAW to Prep for Seth Rollins Backlash Showdown
Omos Crushes RAW to Prep for Seth Rollins Backlash Showdown

The towering WWE free agent Omos demonstrated his unmatched power during a recent episode of RAW, where he decimated an enhancement talent before appearing on RAW Talk alongside his handler, MVP. The interview focused on the reasoning behind the RAW match and how it should serve as a stark warning for Seth "Freakin'" Rollins ahead of their impending clash at Backlash.

MVP emphasized Omos' impressive dominance, reminding host Byron Saxton of the Nigerian Giant's recent triumph over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. He explained that the enhancement talent's long black hair and beard were intentional, as he closely resembled Seth Rollins.

MVP wanted to provide the 7-foot-3-inch, 410-pound force of nature with a "practice doll" to showcase his capabilities against the talented Rollins. MVP was confident in Omos' ability to assert his dominance against Rollins, acknowledging the latter's extraordinary in-ring prowess.

He explained that Omos' status as a free agent, negotiated by MVP, allowed him to appear on both brands and challenge the best competitors. The Nigerian Giant is an unparalleled talent in WWE history, and according to MVP, everyone must recognize that fact.

Omos' Bold Declaration

Omos, not one to mince words, succinctly expressed his intentions, stating, "That means I can smash whoever I want, whenever I want, and whoever I want." This a clear message to Seth Rollins and the entire WWE roster that he is ready to assert his dominance over anyone who stands in his way.

As the highly anticipated showdown at Backlash draws closer, Seth Rollins must surely be aware of the looming threat posed by Omos. He must summon all his skill and experience to overcome the Nigerian Giant's seemingly unstoppable force.

Fans eagerly await the high-stakes confrontation between these two WWE superstars, hoping for a thrilling and memorable encounter.

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