Santos Escobar Highlights the Significance of the WWE Development Hub

Santos Escobar shares insights on Performance Center's impact.

by Noman Rasool
Santos Escobar Highlights the Significance of the WWE Development Hub

The WWE Performance Center has played a pivotal role in grooming and developing talents for the professional wrestling world. Although the center has lately been shifting its focus to nurturing athletes new to the sport, it also has an impressive history of catering to seasoned professionals.

Santos Escobar, a prominent wrestler with over a decade of experience, is one such talent who has passed through the walls of the Performance Center. In a recent interview with "Under the Ring," Escobar delved into the impact of the WWE Performance Center on his career and how it helped enhance his wrestling abilities despite his extensive experience in the industry.

He emphasized the importance of humility and being open to learning new things daily.

Embracing Humility at Performance Center

The WWE Performance Center is known for its rigorous training and comprehensive approach to ensure that wrestlers develop all the necessary skills and abilities for a successful career.

Escobar highlighted the importance of checking all the boxes and expressed gratitude for the center's role in preparing him for future endeavors. "You got to check a lot of boxes, and the Performance Center and NXT make sure that you check all those boxes so that when you're finally called [...], you're ready for it." In recent times, Escobar has joined the reformed Latino World Order (LWO) alongside wrestling legend Rey Mysterio.

The LWO aims to promote Latino representation in the wrestling world, and Escobar has been an active spokesperson for the cause. He had the opportunity to put his Performance Center-honed skills to the test at WrestleMania 39, where he supported Mysterio in his corner during the Hall of Famer's match against his son, Dominik.

The WWE Performance Center remains a vital platform for both seasoned wrestlers and newcomers, equipping them with the necessary tools and skills to excel in their careers. As evidenced by Santos Escobar's journey, the center's role in shaping and refining talent cannot be understated.

By maintaining its commitment to excellence and fostering a learning culture, the Performance Center will undoubtedly continue to produce top-notch wrestlers who make their mark in professional wrestling.

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