John Hennigan Fears WWE Cuts After Merger, Praises AEW


John Hennigan Fears WWE Cuts After Merger, Praises AEW
John Hennigan Fears WWE Cuts After Merger, Praises AEW

John Hennigan, Former WWE Superstar, also known as John Morrison, recently shared his concerns regarding the potential consequences of the WWE's recent merger with Endeavor. In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Hennigan discussed the possibility of staff and talent from WWE losing their jobs or having their salaries cut due to the merger.

This, in turn, prompted Hennigan to praise AEW for providing a necessary balance to the industry and preventing a monopoly. Hennigan's comments come during great uncertainty for WWE employees and fans alike. The company's merger with Endeavor has raised questions about the future of WWE's talent pool, with many fearing that the merger could result in job cuts and salary reductions for wrestlers and staff.

Hennigan's concerns echo those of many in the industry who worry about the potential fallout from this significant business move.

Hennigan Praises AEW's Role

Despite these concerns, Hennigan expressed his gratitude for the presence of AEW, which he believes serves as a counterbalance to the WWE and prevents the company from having a monopoly on the industry.

Without AEW, Hennigan argues that there would be no leverage for wrestlers and staff, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation by the WWE and other major players in the industry. "I think they're going to let a bunch of guys go.

I think salaries will get cut," Hennigan stated in the interview. "I'm happy AEW is around to balance that out a little bit because if they weren't, there would be just no leverage and nowhere else to go, and WWE & UFC would be this weird monopoly that wrings the money out of the livelihoods of the fighters and wrestlers, and I think that sucks." Hennigan's comments highlight the importance of having competition and choice within the industry.

A monopoly, as he suggests, could damage not only the livelihoods of wrestlers and staff but also the quality and diversity of content available to fans. It remains to be seen what the long-term impact of the WWE-Endeavor merger will be on the industry.

However, Hennigan's comments underscore the importance of maintaining balance and choice within the industry to ensure the fair treatment of wrestlers, staff, and fans.