Cody Rhodes Discusses New WWE Heavyweight Title and Raw Draft


Cody Rhodes Discusses New WWE Heavyweight Title and Raw Draft
Cody Rhodes Discusses New WWE Heavyweight Title and Raw Draft

WWE superstar Cody Rhodes is gearing up to take on Brock Lesnar at Backlash in what many believe to be a crucial step toward a potential rematch with Roman Reigns. However, there's more to consider than just his upcoming match, as Triple H recently unveiled the WWE Heavyweight Championship, which will be exclusive to Monday Night Raw.

As fate would have it, Rhodes was drafted to Raw in the recent WWE Draft, and he recently discussed how both developments might affect his overall goal in WWE. During a conversation with Matt Aguilar of about WWE SuperCard, Rhodes talked about the new Title and being drafted to Raw and how both might impact his career in WWE.

When asked about the new World Heavyweight Championship, Rhodes appreciated the physical belt and its history. "As a fan of classic titles, it piqued my interest," Rhodes said. "That's the Title that represents Raw. That's the Title of the main events for Raw.

That's the Title that is the franchise title for the USA network. So I can't say I don't want it."

Cody Rhodes eyes WWE Heavyweight Championship

Rhodes acknowledged that pursuing the WWE Heavyweight Championship would make for an exciting story but emphasized that his ultimate goal remains the same.

He also expressed that the new Title shouldn't be looked down upon in any way and will take a lead individual to handle it. "Raw has a stacked roster, so I want to throw myself in the mix," Rhodes said. As for the WWE Draft, Rhodes joked that he loves Draft time just for the conversations you hear.

He also pointed out that the drafts are a whole night for all WWE talent, affecting their schedules and career trajectories. Regarding his upcoming match against Brock Lesnar, Rhodes knows he has a formidable obstacle to overcome before he can focus on anything else.

"For me right now, that's Brock Lesnar more than anything. So I can't even think about that beautiful belt that Triple H showed until I can do something very few people could do. Get into the ring with a beast, not just survive but win." Despite the challenges ahead, Rhodes remains focused on his goals and is excited about the possibilities ahead on Raw.

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