Teddy Long on GM Challenges

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Teddy Long on GM Challenges

Teddy Long is known for his work as a baby face Smackdown GM. He started as a manager and managed a few tough wrestlers before being made the General Manager of Smackdown. By baby face GM, we mean that he was a good guy! The fans loved him and he always did what the fans wanted.

He also didn’t like heel wrestlers and that was part of his character. He was given the Smackdown General Manager role in 2004 and he stayed GM until 2012. On the WINCLY podcast, he was asked about how challenging that role of his was.

"Well, the challenging part is to make sure the fans are happy," Long responded. "That's what I did, regardless of whether the wrestlers liked it or not, if that fans wanted it then that's how it gonna be.

So, the challenging part is for me to have all that power and I'd never been in a position like that, never in my life. "To me, it was a blessing from God and Vince McMahon believed in me, and I said, 'I can't let this man down.'

Most [importantly], I can't let the fans down, I gave them what they wanted and I'm going to keep on giving you what you want as long as I'm standing, playas." Being GM of such a big TV show is by no means easy!