Dustin Rhodes Discusses Cody's WrestleMania 39 Loss and WWE's Approach

Dustin Rhodes shares thoughts on Cody's WWE journey.

by Noman Rasool
Dustin Rhodes Discusses Cody's WrestleMania 39 Loss and WWE's Approach

Dustin Rhodes, the older brother of WWE superstar Cody Rhodes, recently shared his thoughts on his sibling's career trajectory and his WrestleMania 39 loss to Roman Reigns. Speaking on Busted Open Radio, the AEW wrestler expressed his confidence in Cody eventually becoming the world champion and acknowledged the WWE's decision to make him work for it.

The Natural, as Dustin is often called, firmly believes that Cody will claim the world champion title in due time, even though he's still determining the specific timeframe. He appreciates the WWE's strategy of earning Cody the prestigious title, stating, "They're making him pay for it now.

They're making him earn it. I like that, I do. I like that because once you put the title on him, where are you going?"

Dustin Discusses Cody's, WrestleMania Loss

Dustin admits that watching his brother lose to Roman Reigns during the main event at WrestleMania 39 was a frustrating experience.

However, he understands that WWE has a bigger plan for Cody and that the defeat might have been part of a long-term strategy. Reflecting on the match, Dustin shared his initial disappointment, "I went to Mania, sat up in the box, and wasn't allowed down or anything like that.

I was there, and I went there because Cody would win the title. We didn't know. We were just; it was just, this is his time." Despite his frustration, Dustin recognizes the potential benefits of the outcome, particularly when considering WWE's current plans involving Brock Lesnar and other superstars.

He explains, "When you look at it a week later and analyze it and see what they're doing with Brock right now and all that stuff, it makes sense. Was it the right call? I don't know. I wish he would have won it. But was it the right call? Probably so." Dustin further emphasizes that, in his opinion, Cody's eventual victory will be even more significant if it is built up over time.

This approach could create a more compelling narrative and memorable moment when Cody finally claims the world champion title. As a seasoned wrestler, Dustin Rhodes' insights offer a unique perspective on his brother's career and the inner workings of the WWE.

Fans of both Dustin and Cody will undoubtedly be eager to see how the latter's journey unfolds, with many hoping for a triumphant rise to the top. The wrestling world watches closely as Cody proves himself in the WWE, chasing the world champion title his brother firmly believes is within his reach.

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