RVD on Wrestlers Not Being Normal People

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RVD on Wrestlers Not Being Normal People

Professional wrestlers are some of the toughest people in the world. They can take bumps and shots to the head without a problem. Of course they also need time to recover but some of them choose to fight despite being injured.

There is a reason why professional wrestlers retire quickly after they get famous. Professional wrestling is difficult and most famous wrestlers need to work every single week. Rob Van Dam was at the X-Pac podcast and he spoke about what professional wrestlers are.

He stated that they are not ordinary people and people should respect them for it. Normal people simply cannot take the bumps that professional wrestlers take. "Normal people; you bump into somebody's bumper in the parking lot, they get whiplash, they're out of work for six weeks, they got a neck brace.

How many car crashes do we go through in one night? You know what I mean? I don't think pro wrestlers should be treated like normal people because we're not and that's the whole draw of watching wrestling. We're a bunch of freaks that are in there.

Some guys are 300 pounds of muscle, other guys are doing four flips, whatever, but that's the entertainment part of it. They're not just normal people, although they look more and more normal as the smaller guys are overpopulating the business [laughs]."