Ex-WWE Star Targets Top Title in Rival Wrestling League


Ex-WWE Star Targets Top Title in Rival Wrestling League
Ex-WWE Star Targets Top Title in Rival Wrestling League

In a beautiful turn of events, DDT Genius Wrestling uncovered today that a previous WWE Hotshot is set to challenge for perhaps its most sought-after title. Current DDT Widespread Boss, Tetsuya Endo, effectively protected his title against MAO at the Uber Max Knock occasion in Yokohama, Japan.

An enigmatic video clip was shown after the match, announcing that an ex-WWE Superstar would compete for the title on July 23 at the well-known Ryogoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo. However, the identity of this enigmatic rival has yet to be revealed.

Ex-WWE Star's Venue Legacy

World Wrestling Amusement had recently facilitated occasions at the Sumo Corridor, generally remarkably in 2015, when Brock Lesnar crushed Kofi Kingston and Finn Balor asserted triumph over Kevin Owens, getting the NXT Title.

Shinsuke Nakamura, a 40-year-old wrestling veteran, continues to make waves in WWE. As the most conspicuous Japanese grappler in World Wrestling Amusement, Nakamura joined the organization in 2016 after laying out a celebrated lifetime in his nation of origin.

Albeit the previous Intercontinental Boss has encountered some outcomes in WWE, New Japan is Supportive of Wrestling's Rough Romero accepts Nakamura can arrive at considerably more superior levels. In an interview with Comedy Store Wrestling, Romero compared Nakamura to Muta, a Japanese wrestling legend recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

"Muta was extremely successful in WCW and NWA," he stated. Because the scale is more significant now, Nakamura is the next or even more prominent. However, they've scarcely started to expose how they could manage him." With Nakamura as late drafted to Monday Night Crude and another World Heavyweight Title in question, fans are anxious to check whether "The Ruler of Solid Style" will quickly catch the high belt.

The world of professional wrestling continues to provide its devoted followers with thrilling surprises and unforgettable moments, even as speculation grows regarding the identity of the former WWE Superstar who will challenge Tetsuya Endo in DDT Pro Wrestling.

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