Disco Inferno on Wrestling Being More Entertaining Than Ever

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Disco Inferno on Wrestling Being More Entertaining Than Ever

Disco Inferno was a very recognized WCW wrestler. He didn’t reach the top of the promotion, but he had a very unique gimmick. He would dance before entering into the ring, and he made the crowd dance with him. Inferno was recently at the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast.

Inferno is part of the high profile inter-gender match controversy. He spoke how profession wrestling is more entertaining now than ever before: "Professional wrestling is more entertainment and more accepted as entertainment today by the fans than it used to be.

We try to portray this as sports but this fan base will just accept anything and I'm not sure but it is just a different fan. They are there for the artistic impression and there for the performance and will applaud respectfully if the guys do a good spot, they'll chant this is awesome if they do a really crazy spot and they just react to everything.

It is like art house and like you are in an art house theatre sometimes. Like you are watching plays with the way the fans are responding and you look at it like a couple of critics out there. So it is kind of like easy to just do anything in front of these crowds.