Lio Rush on WWE Heat Reports

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Lio Rush on WWE Heat Reports

A few reports came out recently concerning WWE superstar Lio Rush and his backstage heat with the WWE. The reports state that Rush isn’t liked backstage and has received some heat because he wants to be WWE’s top guy.

He has made it clear where he wants to be in the WWE. Recently, Rush was not with Bobby Lashley when Lashley was involved in the WWE main event on Monday. Bobby Lashley teamed up with Drew McIntyre. They fought Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.

Rollins and Strowman were able to beat Lashley and McIntyre. Lio Rush called the information present in the reports, ”ridiculous”. He stated that he wants to work hard to get to the top and that is what he was taught by the place where he came from.

"Some of the stuff that I read after getting tagged in on these 'dirt sheets' is ridiculous. But since y'all are recording my every move. Put this one in your newest article for me. Where I'm from, I was taught to value hard work, not complacency.

... Push and believe in yourself past expectations other people have made for you. Put your family and God first before anything. Remain humble, but stay hungry. Fight for the things you believe in and never apologize for being you. Spread the word." Lio Rush believes he deserves to be WWE’s top guy as he is athletic and has what it takes.