Trinity Fatu Discusses WWE, Career Impact, and Fun


 Trinity Fatu Discusses WWE, Career Impact, and Fun
Trinity Fatu Discusses WWE, Career Impact, and Fun

Trinity Fatu, a renowned WWE superstar, recently shared her thoughts on her career, the Impact of joining a new organization, and her desire to have fun in an interview with Denise Salcedo on Speak Now Pro Wrestling. Fatu admitted that the speculation surrounding her future in professional wrestling was nerve-wracking.

Still, she expressed her excitement about joining Impact and feeling welcomed in her "new good home." Fatu reminisced about her time with WWE, calling it her "first home" and emphasizing the strong relationships she built there.

Despite leaving WWE, she remains connected to her friends and colleagues in the locker room. She expressed gratitude for the love and support she received and her optimism about the new chapter she's embarking on with Impact.

Impact's Influence on Trinity Fatu

Trinity believes that joining Impact will enhance her wrestling skills and broaden her network within the industry. She highlighted the support she has received and her confidence in being on the right path, asserting that her experience with Impact will benefit her career and women in wrestling as a whole.

Fatu acknowledged the constant pressure in the wrestling ring when asked about the pressure to prove herself. She noted the inherent risks of wrestling and the additional stress of adapting to a new company. However, she also emphasized her desire to have fun and enjoy this new career phase.

Fatu expressed her satisfaction with her accomplishments in WWE and gratitude for her opportunities there. She maintained that she didn't have anything to prove to others, but she wanted to demonstrate to herself that she could continue to excel in her wrestling career.

For Fatu, the focus is on growth and enjoyment. With the current state of women's wrestling and the opportunities it presents, Fatu believes that Impact is the place where she can be most helpful. As she embarks on this new journey, she aims to have fun while continuing to contribute to the wrestling world and inspire other women in the industry.

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