Triple H Reveals Tournament for WWE World Heavyweight Title

WWE unveils plans for crowning a new champion.

by Noman Rasool
Triple H Reveals Tournament for WWE World Heavyweight Title

During today's Backlash press conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque made a significant announcement regarding the company's plans for crowning the first-ever holder of the newly introduced World Heavyweight Championship belt.

The report detailed the format of an upcoming tournament that would determine the prestigious titleholder. Levesque revealed that following the Backlash event, a World Heavyweight Championship tournament would commence on Monday, May 8th, during Monday Night Raw.

The game is set to feature participants from both the Raw and SmackDown brands, ensuring that the competition is diverse and representative of WWE's top talent.

Tournament Structure Across Raw and SmackDown

The tournament will commence with two Triple Threat matches on Monday Night Raw.

The winners of these initial matches will then face off against each other later in the evening to determine the ultimate winner from the Raw brand. A similar format will be followed on Friday, May 12th, during SmackDown, with two more Triple Threat matches taking place.

Once again, the winners of these contests will square off to determine the top contender from the SmackDown brand. The Raw and SmackDown winners will advance to the Night of Champions event on Saturday, May 27th. At this marquee event, the two victors will clash in a high-stakes match, with the winner being crowned the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion.

Unfortunately, the press conference did not feature a question-and-answer session, leaving several key questions unanswered. For instance, fans and reporters alike wondered about the participants' identities in the four Triple Threat matches.

Additionally, there were questions about the rationale behind including SmackDown stars in the tournament if the intention was to establish a World Championship for the brand not currently featuring the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Further queries included the implications for the winner's brand affiliation, with fans pondering whether a SmackDown wrestler winning the title would result in a move to Raw. Lastly, the tournament's timing about the WWE Draft also raised eyebrows, as some questioned why the Draft was not scheduled to occur after the tournament's conclusion.

Despite these unanswered questions, announcing the World Heavyweight Championship tournament has generated considerable excitement and anticipation among WWE fans, who eagerly await the upcoming clashes between their favorite Superstars as they vie for the prestigious title.

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