WWE Star's Major Push Halted by Injury


WWE Star's Major Push Halted by Injury
WWE Star's Major Push Halted by Injury

In professional wrestling, injuries are an unfortunate reality that can derail a wrestler's career trajectory at any time. For one WWE star, a recent injury has temporarily halted her potential rise to championship status. Recent reports have surfaced that some members of WWE NXT have voiced concerns about the training methods employed at the facility, which have led to numerous injuries.

During the special Spring Breakin' episode of NXT, several wrestlers, including former NXT Women's Champion Indi Hartwell, Grayson Waller, and Sol Ruca, sustained injuries. A segment during the show featured Dani Palmer and Ruca bidding farewell as a mysterious figure ambushed Ruca, dragging her out of the front door.

This plot device was created to temporarily remove Ruca from the television screen, as she had suffered a torn ACL and required surgery, which took place earlier this week. Sol Ruca made her in-ring debut in the summer of 2022 and quickly caught the attention of WWE officials due to her strong performance on the developmental brand.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer disclosed that WWE had been considering pairing Ruca with Dani Palmer, who made her in-ring debut this week as a dominant babyface tag team in NXT.

Injury Halts Tag Team Push

Meltzer reported, "Before her injury, there was talk of making Sol Ruca & Dani Palmer into a major pushed babyface tag team in NXT.

They were so high on them that there was talk of them getting the NXT tag belts within a few months, but that isn't happening." As a result of Ruca's injury, plans for her and Palmer's ascension to the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship have been put on hold. We hope for a swift recovery for Sol Ruca and eagerly await her return to the ring.

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