When Does the WWE Draft 2023 Take Effect?

Shaking up the roster: WWE Draft 2023 concludes.

by Atia Mukhtar
When Does the WWE Draft 2023 Take Effect?

The 2023 WWE Draft has ended, leaving fans and industry insiders buzzing with excitement. The two-night event kicked off on April 28th during the episode of SmackDown and concluded on May 1st with the outbreak of Raw. Both brands made several picks, resulting in an action-packed draft with unexpected twists and turns.

Throughout the event, 10 rounds were conducted, with 4 rounds during the SmackDown and 6 during Raw. WWE Legends announced the draft picks, with each round featuring four choices (two from the Raw brand and two from the SmackDown brand).

In total, 40 superstars were drafted on-air, while a supplementary draft took place for additional picks. Several NXT superstars were also called up to make their main roster debuts. This draft shakeup has opened up new opportunities and potential feuds among established and emerging wrestlers.

However, fans may wonder when the draft will take effect and why it only happens after some time. Let's look at the 2023 WWE Draft timeline to answer these questions.

Triple H Sets WWE Draft Timeline

During the opening of the 2023 WWE Draft, Triple H addressed the WWE Universe, laying out the rules and regulations for the draft.

He announced that the drafted superstars would officially join their respective brands on May 8th, during the episode of Raw following the 2023 Backlash premium live event. This strategic decision by WWE's creative team allows for current feuds and storylines to reach their climaxes at Backlash 2023.

As a result, the WWE Universe can anticipate the thrilling conclusion of ongoing rivalries at the event, with fresh debuts and narratives unfolding in the subsequent episodes of Raw and SmackDown. The 2023 WWE Draft has set the stage for a new era in professional wrestling, with superstars switching brands and new talent making their debuts.

The draft's effects will officially come into play on May 8th, following the 2023 Backlash premium live event, bringing about the end of existing feuds and the beginning of new, captivating storylines for fans to enjoy.

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