The Bloodline Revival: WWE SmackDown Ace's Quest for Supremacy


The Bloodline Revival: WWE SmackDown Ace's Quest for Supremacy
The Bloodline Revival: WWE SmackDown Ace's Quest for Supremacy

The Bloodline's dominance over WWE was undisputed when Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman allied with The Usos, leading them to capture gold on the SmackDown brand. However, recent months have seen the stable lose its credibility, with Solo Sikoa emerging as the key to restoring its former glory.

In 2021, The Bloodline rose to prominence as Jimmy and Jey Uso reunited after months apart, claiming the SmackDown Tag Team Championships from The Mysterious. At the same time, Roman Reigns established himself as the modern era's most formidable world champion.

Within a year, the trio had become one of WWE's most dominant forces. However, since WrestleMania 39, internal discord has weakened the group, necessitating Sikoa's intervention.

Restoring Bloodline Dominance: Solo Sikoa's Role

Solo Sikoa made his main roster debut at WWE Clash at The Castle 2022, rescuing The Tribal Chief from defeat against Drew McIntyre in a match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Subsequently, Sikoa joined the SmackDown brand, positioning himself to restore The Bloodline's dominance. Sikoa could reestablish the stable's power in two ways. Firstly, the former undefeated Samoan could bring championship gold to The Bloodline following The Usos' loss of the Undisputed Tag Team Championships to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Pursuing the United States Championship after the Draft could be a viable option, with Austin Theory already exceeding 150 days as the titleholder in his second run. Should Sikoa capture the championship, Roman Reigns would be a satisfied Tribal Chief.

Alternatively, Sikoa could vie for another World Championship to elevate the stable. Participating in the upcoming tournament and winning the new World Heavyweight Championship would restore The Bloodline's dominance and solidify Reigns' trust in Sikoa, perhaps even more than in The Usos.

However, if he claims the title, this route would necessitate Sikoa's departure from both the stable and the brand. Solo Sikoa is poised to play a crucial role in reestablishing The Bloodline's dominance within WWE. Whether through securing the United States Championship or the new World Heavyweight Championship, Sikoa's ascent could usher in a new era of success for the once-unstoppable stable.

The Bloodline Smackdown Solo Sikoa

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