Why Cody Rhodes Opted Out of WWE 2K22 Game?


Why Cody Rhodes Opted Out of WWE 2K22 Game?
Why Cody Rhodes Opted Out of WWE 2K22 Game?

Professional wrestler Cody Rhodes is a well-known video game figure appearing in several titles over the years. However, one game that he notably did not feature in was "WWE 2K22," released just before Rhodes returned to WWE in 2022.

Although there was a possibility that he could have been included as post-release downloadable content, Rhodes himself was the driving force behind his absence from the game, as he wanted to make his return to the franchise as grand as possible.

CodyRhodes' Commitment to 'American Nightmare' Persona

In an interview with ComicBook Nation, Rhodes explained that he was very particular about his "American Nightmare" persona, which he had built up during his time away from WWE.

As such, he wanted to ensure that his return to the franchise was done correctly and fully immersed players in the character and concept he had created. He acknowledged that his decision to hold off on appearing in "WWE 2K22" may have caused frustration for some fans, but ultimately he felt that it was the right choice.

"I'd even go as far as saying I won't put the heat on 2K for me not being in the game initially and then waiting until the modern iteration for it to happen," Rhodes said. "It just takes time, and I was one of the reasons it took so much time.

So if anybody had problems, it was more me than 2K, so I want to ensure it's done correctly." Rhodes also spoke about his involvement in other wrestling video games, including the recently released "WWE 2K23" and the upcoming "AEW Fight Forever." He noted that he was excited to be a part of these games and to continue building his legacy in the world of wrestling video games.

Overall, Rhodes' decision to hold off on appearing in "WWE 2K22" shows his dedication to his craft and his desire to ensure that his character is represented in the best possible way. As a result, fans can expect to see a better version of Rhodes in future wrestling games as he continues to evolve and grow as a wrestler and video game character.

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