Zelina Vega Outwits Rhea Ripley at WWE Backlash Showdown


Zelina Vega Outwits Rhea Ripley at WWE Backlash Showdown
Zelina Vega Outwits Rhea Ripley at WWE Backlash Showdown

The highly anticipated WWE Backlash event has finally arrived, and for Zelina Vega, it signifies her chance to wrestle Rhea Ripley for the coveted SmackDown Women's Championship. Despite the pressure, Vega has taken a moment to appreciate the significance of this opportunity, especially when it comes to working with her childhood hero, Rey Mysterio.

In a recent interview with Megan Morant of the SmackDown LowDown, Vega expressed her excitement and gratitude for the incredible experience she's had so far. "I don't know if there are any words to describe how I'm feeling right now," she admitted.

"It feels surreal to say I'm tag teaming with my childhood hero, Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio, and call him my mentor. It's the biggest blessing ever."

Family Moment Fuels Zelina Vega

During a break in the action, Vega could connect with her family, emphasizing the moment's gravity.

"We got to say hi to my mom, stepdad, and brother and hug them and realize the severity of the situation, the gravity of it all. Oh my god, it's crazy, it's crazy," she shared. As she prepared to face "Mami" in their match, Vega revealed her strategy for staying ahead of her formidable opponent.

"I think I just have to do exactly what I did tonight and just make sure that I'm quick on my feet because the second that you anger her and the beast comes out, she makes mistakes," Vega explained. Her plan, she believes, is to maintain her focus and always be one step ahead of Rhea Ripley.

"Today we stayed on point, and we won, we dominated, and it's crazy to say that going up against someone as dominant as Rhea Ripley, you have to be one step ahead, and that's exactly what I plan on doing, and just making sure that I keep that momentum going," Vega stated.

She also recognized that any slip-up could be costly. "The second I slip up is the second it can be over, just like that," she said. As the WWE universe eagerly awaits the outcome of this thrilling match, it's clear that Zelina Vega is determined to give her all and seize the SmackDown Women's Championship.

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