Rhea Ripley Hypes Backlash's Significance for Damian Priest


Rhea Ripley Hypes Backlash's Significance for Damian Priest
Rhea Ripley Hypes Backlash's Significance for Damian Priest

As the rest of The Judgement Day faction members, Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor, and Rhea Ripley basked in the glory of their WrestleMania 39 moments, Damian Priest patiently awaited his time to shine. Now, Priest's opportunity has finally arrived, as he prepares to face his former tag team partner, Bad Bunny, at Backlash.

In a WWE digital exclusive, Ripley shared her thoughts on what Backlash means to her fellow Judgement Day members, expressing her pride for Priest, who she believes is more than deserving of this moment after his unwavering support in April.

"During WrestleMania 39, Damian Priest didn't have a match," Ripley explained. "Dom, Finn, and I did, but he remained supportive and helpful throughout the day, embodying the true essence of a family member. This event will serve as Priest's WrestleMania in San Juan for Backlash.

I'm incredibly thrilled for him, and I can only imagine his excitement as he gets ready to face Bad Bunny in a San Juan Street Fight, of all matches. Bunny is definitely in for a tough battle." Rhea Ripley Praises Damian Priest's Moment Ripley's assessment hits the nail on the head.

Over the past year, the spotlight has been on Ripley, Mysterio, and Balor, with Priest often seen as the strong, silent enforcer of the group. Now, he finally has the chance to showcase his abilities in front of friends and family, regardless of whether he ultimately emerges victorious.

Priest's match against Bad Bunny at Backlash is more than just a wrestling bout; it signifies his hard work, dedication, and unwavering support for his faction members. As he steps into the ring, he will no doubt give it his all and prove that he, too, belongs in the spotlight, proving his worth as a vital member of The Judgement Day.

As fans eagerly anticipate this showdown in San Juan, they can rest assured that Priest will put on a show to remember. His perseverance and determination have led him to this moment, and his fellow faction members and the WWE Universe will be cheering him on every step of the way.

With Ripley's endorsement and undeniable talent, Damian Priest is poised to make Backlash a night to remember for everyone involved.

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