Cody Rhodes defeats Brock Lesnar in blood at WWE Backlash


Cody Rhodes defeats Brock Lesnar in blood at WWE Backlash
Cody Rhodes defeats Brock Lesnar in blood at WWE Backlash

In the headliner of WWE Kickback Premium Live Occasion, Cody Rhodes rose triumphantly in his first match against Brock Lesnar. The coordinate started with Rhodes going after Lesnar at ringside during his entry, utilizing different weapons to annihilate him.

The two contenders took control at various times during the match. Lesnar was busted open and draining intensely after being sent into an uncovered turnbuckle. Despite Rhodes hitting him with multiple moves, Lesnar figured out how to throw out at 2.

Nonetheless, Rhodes reversed the situation on Lesnar when he applied the Kimura Lock. While in the accommodation hold, Rhodes rested forward and used Lesnar's weight against him to transform the Kimura into an unexpected three count, dominating the match.

Rhodes immediately left the ring, recognizing the group momentarily before heading towards the back. At the same time, Lesnar sat up, kneeling, clearing the blood off his face.

Rhodes Triumphs Over Lesnar

The post-show tweet from WWE featured how Rhodes' story lives on with success over Lesnar.

While there is no word on a potential rematch between the two whizzes, Lesnar is a free specialist ready to show up on the two brands. At the same time, Crude has chosen Rhodes in the 2023 WWE Draft. It still needs to be determined how the two grapplers will factor into the World Heavyweight Title competition that starts on Monday's Crude and progresses forward with Friday's SmackDown before finishing in the finals at WWE Evening of Champions on May 27.

Generally, the Backfire headliner was an exhilarating experience between two of WWE's top stars, with Rhodes succeeding in a unique style. It will be fascinating to perceive how the two grapplers progress in the following few long periods and whether they will run into each other later.

Fans can track definite outcomes from the occasion at the given connection and remain tuned for additional astonishing advancements in the realm of WWE.

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