Court Bauer Urges Support Fatu, Halts WWE Fantasies

Bauer addresses Fatu's WWE speculation, champions MLW success.

by Noman Rasool
Court Bauer Urges Support Fatu, Halts WWE Fantasies

Major League Wrestling (MLW) CEO Court Bauer recently appeared on Busted Open Radio. He discussed the careers of two of the company's top talents, Jacob Fatu, the Samoan Werewolf, and the current MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Alexander Hammerstone.

Bauer revealed that the WWE Performance Center had rejected both wrestlers for seemingly trivial reasons. However, he is glad they succeeded in MLW, a system that has helped them grow and develop as performers. During the interview, Bauer mentioned that Hammerstone had attended several WWE tryouts but was turned down because he was considered to bear too strong a resemblance to Triple H.

Similarly, Fatu had participated in three or four WWE Performance Center tryouts and ultimately did not receive a contract. Bauer emphasized that there is a reason why Fatu continually renews his contract with MLW, as both the wrestler and the company have managed to find the perfect fit together.

Recently, wrestling fans have been indulging in fantasy booking scenarios that involve Fatu becoming part of WWE's ongoing Bloodline storyline, given that he is a genuine member of the Anoa'i wrestling family. While Bauer understands the allure of these hypothetical storylines, he urges fans to appreciate and support Fatu in the promotion where he is currently thriving - MLW.

Bauer Advocates MLW Support

Bauer explained that Fatu is exceptionally proud of his family members who are part of The Bloodline in WWE, but he is also enjoying his time and success in MLW. He encouraged fans who have discovered Fatu through MLW programming to support the company that has provided him with the opportunity to shine.

Bauer believes fans should focus on celebrating Fatu's accomplishments in MLW rather than imagining him in a different promotion, especially considering WWE's initial failure to recognize his potential. MLW CEO Court Bauer is proud of Jacob Fatu's and Alexander Hammerstone's achievements within his company.

He hopes fans will continue supporting these MLW wrestlers rather than fantasizing about what might have been in WWE. Fatu and Hammerstone have become integral parts of MLW's success and growth by showcasing their talents and dedication. Bauer is confident that their future within the company will be nothing short of spectacular.

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