Former WWE Champ Skips WWE Draft Event


Former WWE Champ Skips WWE Draft Event

On a recent episode of the "Kurt Angle Show" on, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle discussed his new venture in partnership with Project #1 Nutrition. Angle shared details about their latest product, American Dream Cookies and Cream Protein, which he considers the best-tasting protein he has ever had.

To celebrate the launch of the new protein powder, Angle teamed up with GNC for a special commemorative box set collector's edition, available through worldwide distribution. The Olympic Gold Medalist is known for his love of cookies and milk, making the cookies and cream flavor a perfect fit for the new protein powder.

Angle took to his Instagram page to promote the product, offering the first 500 customers who order the collector's edition a free autographed photo from himself. The exclusive collector's edition box set features an array of Kurt Angle-themed items, including the American Dream Cookies and Cream Protein, a branded shaker bottle, a stylish Kurt Angle T-shirt, and a unique sticker set.

Alongside these items, fans will also receive the special protein powder itself. Angle shared his enthusiasm for the promotional campaign and expressed his delight in being able to connect with fans by sharing his passion for health, nutrition, and fitness through this exciting new product line.

Angle Turns Down WWE Draft

However, during the same show, Angle revealed that he declined an invitation to appear at the WWE Draft. The WWE Hall of Famer explained, "I was asked to do it, and I couldn't, unfortunately. I wish I could have.

I would have loved to be there and announce a draft pick, but unfortunately, I was busy that day and couldn't do it." Despite being unable to participate in the WWE Draft, Angle remains focused on his new partnership with Project #1 Nutrition and the launch of the American Dream Cookies and Cream Protein.

As the promotion continues, fans can expect more exciting updates and offer from the wrestling legend as he continues to expand his brand and share his enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition.

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