Alexa Bliss on "Hurt Feelings" Twitter Posts

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Alexa Bliss on "Hurt Feelings" Twitter Posts

As noted, Sasha Banks and Bayley didn’t want to lose the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 35. According to reports, both of the superstars were backstage after the match and kept lying on the floor in their room.

Alexa Bliss talked about it after Lynch and Bayley started a war on Twitter. Bliss wasn’t happy about Lynch’s comments when Lynch was talking to Ember Moon. Lynch basically said that she will hit Moon so hard that Bliss would get injured again, referring to Bliss’ concussion that put her on the shelf for months.

Bliss recently made fun of Bayley over Becky’s “hurt feelings” comment. Bayley wrote: "Would love to. And I wouldn't worry about "hurting my feelings"...especially over Twitter. Let's just hope I don't hurt your chances of retaining at MITB."

Bliss responded to it by saying: “Haha ok make fun of me all you want. Like its something new for u guys. Go comfort your friend. I'll save you guys a spot on the locker room floor." Becky responded to that by saying, “Get her, kween—and her stupid ponytail."

She also added the hashtag, #BayleyfearsTheGoddess”. Becky Lynch currently holds the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Titles. Without doubt, the female superstars of the WWE want those titles. Bayley and Lynch will wrestle each other later wrestled each other at SmackDown. That was the first time that these superstars faced each other in the ring.