Drew McIntyre's Latest WWE Status Update


Drew McIntyre's Latest WWE Status Update
Drew McIntyre's Latest WWE Status Update

Drew McIntyre's WWE future has been a hot topic recently, with a new report providing insights into the Scottish Warrior's current situation. At WrestleMania 39, McIntyre participated in a highly acclaimed Intercontinental Title match with GUNTHER and Sheamus, which many consider one of the best matches in all three European stars' careers.

Since WrestleMania 39, McIntyre has been absent from TV to recover from injuries. Additionally, he is reportedly dissatisfied with his current WWE contract and the company's creative plans for him, although he has not made any public statements.

Over the past month, rumors have circulated about the former two-time WWE Champion's situation.

McIntyre's Contract Expiration Revealed

During Night One of the WWE Draft on April 28th, McIntyre was drafted to Raw as the 10th pick, having been on Smackdown for a few years.

When he held the WWE Championship in 2020-21, he was part of the Raw brand. Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp has provided an extensive update on McIntyre, revealing that his WWE contract expires in early 2024, well before WrestleMania.

While some speculate that McIntyre may leave WWE, Fightful claims it's more accurate to say he is undecided. If a deal cannot be reached, he is open to exploring other options and possibly returning to WWE later. Alternatively, he may re-sign with WWE before his contract expires.

McIntyre has reportedly been working with injuries that required attention, but he insisted on wrestling at WrestleMania alongside his best friend Sheamus and supporting GUNTHER as the dominant Intercontinental Champion. McIntyre is said to be hands-on with his creative process, and there have been pitches for him to return to Raw as a heel.

However, he likely wants the storyline to make creative sense. With WWE's recent sale to Endeavor still pending approval, many WWE talents are uncertain about how the deal will impact them. WWE's approach to renewals has also changed in recent years.

McIntyre's future remains uncertain, as WWE fans and colleagues await his decision. In related news, WWE recently removed McIntyre from advertising for Money in the Bank in London on July 1st, replacing him with Roman Reigns. This change does not necessarily mean McIntyre is off the show, but it does raise questions about WWE's intentions.

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