Triple H Seems to Appreciate AEW & WWE Achievements in Liked Tweet


Triple H Seems to Appreciate AEW & WWE Achievements in Liked Tweet
Triple H Seems to Appreciate AEW & WWE Achievements in Liked Tweet

Although some may perceive a fierce rivalry between WWE and AEW, recent Twitter activity from Paul "Triple H" Levesque indicates that he is not opposed to seeing both wrestling promotions thrive. As reported by WrestleTalk, Levesque seemingly liked a tweet defending AEW's ratings while also commending WWE's financial success.

The tweet stated, "Dude. If they're doing so poorly, why did Warner just give them another show? TV ratings are an outdated way to view popularity, in today's world of cord cutting. WWE has less than half of what they got 10 years ago, but are more profitable than ever." Although Levesque has since unliked the tweet, WrestleTalk managed to capture a screenshot, and fans on social media did not miss the WWE Chief Content Officer's activity.

AEW & WWE's Remarkable Successes

Both AEW and WWE have been enjoying their share of accomplishments recently. AEW's All In event has sold over 60,000 tickets for London's Wembley Stadium, making it one of the largest wrestling shows in history.

Additionally, there have been reports of AEW introducing a new Saturday night show to its weekly programming lineup, implying that Warner Bros. Discovery executives are pleased with the current shows' performance on their networks.

Meanwhile, WWE announced record revenue numbers for 2022 and recently joined forces with UFC in a merger to create a new publicly traded company under the Endeavor brand. With the combined assets of UFC and WWE, the new organization is valued at an impressive $21 billion.

This merger is anticipated to generate even more value for shareholders in the future. It is evident that both wrestling promotions have been flourishing, and Triple H's activity on Twitter suggests he acknowledges their respective successes.

Although he has since unliked the tweet, the brief moment of online interaction serves as a reminder that healthy competition can contribute to the growth and prosperity of both organizations within the industry. With AEW and WWE continuing to innovate and entertain fans worldwide, the future of professional wrestling seems to be in good hands.

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