Ex-WWE Icon Announces Summer Retirement Plans


Ex-WWE Icon Announces Summer Retirement Plans
Ex-WWE Icon Announces Summer Retirement Plans

In the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling, it's increasingly uncommon for wrestlers to conclude their in-ring careers within WWE. With the expanding independent circuit providing opportunities and new promotions elevating ex-WWE stars to greater heights, many former WWE talents are finding success elsewhere.

Matt Cardona and Chris Jericho are prime examples of this phenomenon, with both enjoying thriving careers outside of WWE and showing no immediate interest in returning. A similar case is that of former WWE star Jaxson Ryker.

As the leader of The Forgotten Sons, Ryker was released by WWE in November 2021, ending a four-year tenure with the company. He never entirely gained traction in WWE and returned to the independent circuit as Gunner in 2022.

With only five matches last year, Ryker recently revealed his upcoming retirement plans. During his Wrestling For The Faith podcast episode, Ryker discussed his decision to step away from in-ring action. He cited injuries and a desire to pursue a different career as his primary motivations.

While he didn't rule out guest referee spots or autograph signings, his focus shifted away from wrestling.

Jaxson Ryker's Retirement Countdown

Ryker announced that he has four matches scheduled this summer, after which he will officially retire.

His last match is set for August 27th, just two days after the 23rd anniversary of his wrestling career. It will take place in Salisbury, North Carolina. Reflecting on his decision, Ryker shared his readiness to embark on a new career path.

At 40, nearing 41, he feels he has nothing to prove in the wrestling world. In a heartfelt statement, Ryker expressed gratitude for his career and acknowledged the risks of continuing to wrestle in indie shows. With four matches on his calendar, the former WWE star is preparing for a final bow before transitioning to the next chapter of his life.

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