WWE's Puerto Rico Return Appears Improbable

Backlash's triumph in Puerto Rico raises return questions.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE's Puerto Rico Return Appears Improbable

Backlash, WWE's first premium live event in Puerto Rico in eighteen years, proved a resounding success. Fans watching from home were treated to an electric atmosphere as the lively crowd enthusiastically welcomed their favorite wrestlers.

The event's highlights included Bad Bunny's entrance for his match against Damian Priest and the warm reception for local stars Carlito and Savio Vega. Together, they thwarted Judgment Day's attempt to interfere with Bunny's bout against Priest.

WWE has been quick to share the financial achievements of Backlash, noting that the event broke several company records. Despite these successes, however, the likelihood of a swift WWE return to Puerto Rico appears slim.

Meltzer Addresses WWE Return

A respected wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer, recently shared his insights on Wrestling Observer Radio.

He explained that WWE's return to Puerto Rico would depend on the willingness of the island's tourism board to pay for the privilege. Meltzer noted that WWE received $1.5 million for Backlash and would expect similar compensation for future events.

However, it is unlikely that the tourism board would choose to invest in WWE every year, as they may opt to allocate funds to other attractions instead. Meltzer elaborated: "Generally speaking, if [the tourism board] wants to bring you in, they're not going to bring you in yearly.

They're going to use their money to bring in another act... they're going to use their money on another act next year, it won't always be WWE." Furthermore, WWE's decision to host a pay-per-view event in Puerto Rico would hinge on the guarantee of substantial financial compensation.

Although WWE may consider hosting house shows on the island, Meltzer emphasized that pay-per-view events come with a higher price tag: "For them to do a pay-per-view, they're going to want a million and a half dollars or whatever.

That was what the rate was here. They got paid a million and half dollars by the tourism board to come in." In summary, despite the undeniable success of WWE's Backlash event in Puerto Rico, fans should temper their expectations for a prompt return.

WWE's future on the island will ultimately depend on the Puerto Rican tourism board's willingness to invest in the wrestling giant and its decision to allocate funds for other attractions.